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Get in touch with us and tell us about your situation. By phone at 647 962 5202 or via our online booking tool. There is always a way to get in touch with us, 24/7. We're here to listen, whether you are looking to get better, increase your performance or recover from injuries and pain, do not hesitate to come talk to us.

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Restorative / Rehabilitative Therapy

Our mission is to prevent pain and injury, and promote body awareness through evidence based assessment, treatment and prevention. We believe in the power of movement and targeting the cause of pain while preventing future injuries.


Movement, Performance, Wellness

We understand that you require a unique and personalized solution to your problems. So we offer flexible, custom and comprehensive packages to help you get the results you desire.

Your Health, Your Goals

Focusing on fixing injuries and making you better prepared for everyday life

We keep your health and wellness at heart, that is our attitude towards our fully integrated approach in helping you reach your goals.

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Amazing service, I have been trying to fix my knee and back pain for years. No other clinic offers that level of flexibility in the area . Excellent practitioners and facility!

Dale Rosha

With over 15 years of experiencee, PhysioDNA has taken the time to build the best team to guarantee the highest level of service. Best practitioners, best treatment, best value, best results, that's the Physio DNA Difference!

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500 King Street West, Suite 300
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Satelite Location at Metabolic Care Clinic Oakville

2501 Third Line (at Dundas)
ON, L6M 5A9, Canada.
Mobile: +1 647 962 5202
Tel: +1 905 825 3800

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