Why Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including, muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Massage Therapy is a clinically-oriented healthcare option that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular over-use, and many chronic pain conditions.

  • Did You Know?

    Massage therapy is a clinical therapy that provides hands-on manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscles and soft tissue in order to enhance function, aid in healing, promote relaxation, health, and well-being.

    Massage can be used to treat musculoskeletal, lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous system issues. Massage therapists use calming, therapeutic processes of stroking, kneading, and pressing the various body areas to ease pain, reduce stress and tension, or relax, stimulate and tone the body.

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  • Additional Info

    Relaxing, Therapeutic & Rejuvenating

    Massage, applied skillfully, is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system. Received regularly this may help athletes prevent injuries, which might otherwise be caused by overuse. Such muscle imbalances may develop and often go undiagnosed until they are serious enough to cause the athlete discomfort or impede performance. The skilled massage therapist will be able to detect variations in the soft tissues and by using the correct techniques, help the athlete maintain a much healthier physical state.

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  • Help & Support

    The aim of massage therapy and the prevention of injury.

    Reduce the build up of tension in the muscles from regular activity may lead to stresses on joints, ligaments, tendons, as well as the muscles themselves. Massage Therapy is recommended to improve performance and increase their competitive edge do so by adopting a training schedule to enhance their skill, strength, stamina, suppleness and speed. Finally, it cam also prevent overuse that may often create problems and imbalances in the soft tissues. If these are ignored and allowed to become chronic, they will not only hinder the athlete’s rate of improvement, but also in many cases their performance may well suffer and ultimately the athlete may be susceptible to developing more conditions that are serious.

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