Why Nutrition

Whether you want to improve your health, lose fat, build muscle, or perform better, you can get support with these goals at PhysioDNA with our Nutrition services. Our Nutrition coach will utilize a flexible dieting approach, allowing you to eat the foods that you enjoy (hello food freedom!) within a macronutrient range to help you reach your health related goals.
Having food freedom and flexibility with your food choices is a positive and sustainable way to reach your weight loss or body composition goals without restricting food groups.

How do I start on my nutrition journey at PhysioDNA?

At the initial (free!) consultation, we’ll get to the bottom of your current habits and lifestyle and figure out what type of customized nutrition program will be best for you!

Nutrition Programs Offered

$275/ mo.

8 Week Customized Nutrition Plan

  • Sample Meal ideas
  • Accountability support with simple weekly check-ins
  • Weekly feedback and adjustments as needed
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching call with Michelle
  • Habits and Lifestyle support
  • Ongoing, unlimited guidance! Nutrition adjustments along the way when needed
  • Flexible dieting by tracking your “macros” or – macronutrients

This program is great for anyone looking to lose weight and / or feel better and to learn how to support your own nutritional needs.

Included in our Nutrition services:

  • Comprehensive application to get to know you and your history
  • 1:1 initial meeting to go over your application
  • Guided flexible dieting approach (no restrictions of food groups)
  • Meal planning and meal tracking guidance
  • Sample day meal guide according to your portions/macros
  • Monthly 1:1 in-person (or virtual) coaching
  • Weekly or bi-weekly, on- line check-ins for accountability and support
  • Ongoing habit tracking and lifestyle guidance
  • Daily support as needed

Speak with your coach to determine which of these aspects should be individualized to your program.

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