Motor Vehicle Accident

Following a Motor Vehicle accident your insurance company will send you a package of forms. These forms must be completed before funding of treatment can begin. It is important for you to complete and submit the OCF 1, found in the package, to your adjuster prior to starting treatment. We recommend that you complete the entire package as quickly as possible to expedite your claim review.

Important Information

  • Did You Know?

    Your therapist at PhysioDNA can assist you in completing the subsequent forms in order to commence a treatment plan at our facility.

    Make an initial assessment appointment with our Physiotherapist- this is usually 60 minutes (however may be longer)

  • Additional Info

    Please bring to the appointment:

    Insurance company name.
    Policy number.
    Policy holder name (if not in your name).
    Date of birth of client and policy holder
    Claim number (if you have been assigned one).
    Insurance adjuster contact information .
    Date of accident.
    Extended health benefit policy number and insurance name.
    Photo-ID ( we are required to have a copy of a government issued photo-id).
    A credit card

  • Help & Support

    We will submit necessary paperwork on your behalf and work with you to create treatment plan that works for you.

    Questions? Get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have via email: or by phone at 647 562 5202

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