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Move Better, Feel Better, Work Better.
Bringing wellness to your employees in the comfort and convenience of the office. PhysioDNA is a provider of corporate in house packages. Our approach harnesses workplace physical wellness that results in increased employee health, productivity, efficiency and benefit costs to organisations.

How can we help you?

  • In-House Corporate Wellness Talks/Seminars

    We provide interactive 1 hour highly informative and dynamic sessions for your staff & employees

    We know what causes downtime and long term injury in the workplace. Education and awareness is key when it comes to employee wellness and productivity, and it is why we offer interactive dynamic session to help raising awareness and accelerate prevention. Give us a call at (647) 962 5202 to talk about how we can impact the well being of your staff.

  • 1 On 1 In-House Services:

    Services Available:

    Fascial Stretch Therapy.
    Massage Therapy.
    Rehabilitation Exercise.
    **Our services are covered by most healthcare insurance plans.

  • How It Works?

    We customize your healthcare based on the needs of your organization. Our PhysioDNA team comes to your office with the necessary equipment. We provide 1 on 1 sessions (at pre-set time slots) with your staff.

    Our team comes to you ~ Minimal Down Time for staff ~ Tailored & Customised sessions can be as short as 30 minutes- quick, easy, and effective Therapeutic wellness sessions result in:
    Decreased pain and stiffness.
    Improves Posture & Prevent overuse injuries.
    Boosts Staff Morale.
    Decrease absenteeism & Increased productivity.
    Go Beyond Ergonomics.
    Your Employees feel GREAT! Get Treatment, then right back to work.
    Our 1 on 1 sessions facilitate healthier behaviour changes to prevent injury and maintain optimal wellness. They decrease risk of injury and keep your employees present and productive. Our program provides the individual care that is required for your employees to feel empowered and rejuvenated in their day.
    Companies can expect greater employee engagement and productivity, less unscheduled paid time off, fewer workers’ comp claims, greater employee retention, increased employee satisfaction and morale, and demonstrable competitive advantage. Your employees will see and feel the value immediately. Get in touch for your customized quote.

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