X-factor’ golf swing associated to back pain

Endeavouring for a jazzed-up golf swing could participate in havoc with your back, according to US doctors. The modern “X-factor” swing favoured by many experts may well hit balls harder and further, but it can likewise adds extra pressure on the spine, says experts at the Barrow Neurological Institute.

Sports and Athletic Therapy at PhysioDNA Toronto

Athletic Therapy is a component of health and fitness care that is specifically involved with the prevention of injury and the rehab of the patient back to optimal levels of operational, occupational and sports specific physical fitness, regardless of age and capability.

8 Massage Therapy Benefits

It’s currently approximated that in Canada alone, the massage therapy industry generates over $1 billion yearly! Roughly 3.2 million adult Canadians (18 percent of the complete population) had a massage therapy at least once in the previous year.

Sciatica, Hip And Lower Back Pain

Hip and lower back pain can come following an irritation of the sciatic nerve. This pain can spread out downwards and can affect the limbs and the feet. It is something lots of people suffer from, and the pain can alter your daily habit.

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.
– Jim Rohn

Heard of Fascial Stretch Therapy?

As a Physiotherapist I love when my clients come to me asking about different techniques and how it could apply to them. Recently I have been approached alot about the term Fascia… I love when anatomical terms get sexy in the world offitness & wellness!

New Year Resolutions..Get Fit

We see it every year in the fitness industry- this is the time when Gym memberships are signed and we promise ourselves that this year will be different. We all lead extremely busy lives, so when we designate our 45-60 mins to exercise we want to make sure we get the most bang for our time.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an effective way to help soothe sore muscles and improve blood flow, but it also doubles as a dominant, natural stress reliever for many people. Today, there’s a wide range of massage techniques used by therapists to help people overcome common health conditions like fibromyalgia, anxiety and arthritis. Massage techniques like Swedish massage, sports massages and reflexology are now commonly being offered at such places as spas, yoga studios, hotels and chiropractic offices.